Reading log - July 18, 2021

Are brick and mortar banks a thing of the past?

I had to go to the bank twice this week. First to deposit a check for an amount more than could be deposited using mobile banking. The second was to get my signature notarized. That’s the first time had been to my bank in over 18 months. To my amazement, I was the only customer in the bank both times. There was also no one at the drive-up. It looks, during the pandemic, that we all learned how to use mobile banking

Bank branches were once a staple of neighborhoods across America. Now they are closing by the thousands.


Driving the news: Most basic banking transactions can easily be accomplished from the couch, leaving 3,400 U.S. branches shuttered over the past 12 months, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence

Here’s what I read this week:

11 July 2021

Richard Branson takes flight with his space company Virgin Galactic - Axios

The Art of the Shill. It seems to me that something important… | by M.G. Siegler | Jul, 2021 | Medium

From TextExpander to Keyboard Maestro… again - All this

12 July 2021

The Obsidian iOS App is Now Available – The Sweet Setup

Nitro Acquires PDFpen from Smile - TidBITS

Sam Thorpe noted that Nitro was extremely interested in the team’s roadmap for PDFpen and appreciation of the nuances of developing for Apple-focused customers, so it seems safe to say that we shouldn’t expect to see significant technical or interface changes. The name will also remain the same, though likely with some Nitro cobranding. What may change eventually is the licensing model, with subscriptions being offered after a few more major releases.

Consumer Cellular Offers Cheap, No-Nonsense Access to AT&T’s Cellular Network - TidBITS

Trump Lawsuits Against Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Face First Amendment Hurdles - The New York Times

13 July 2021

A Close Look at the New Quick Notes Feature in iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey – The Sweet Setup

The best way I’ve found for adding different content types to a Quick Note is to bring up the Quick Note window either with keyboard shortcut or finger swipe and to then drag and drop content from the active app into the Quick Note. This works great for adding multiple screenshots to a Quick Note from the Photos app or for dragging and dropping highlighted text from a URL in Safari.

Russian ransomware group's dark web sites mysteriously go down - Axios

From The Lab To Your Home - AVC

How to lower your Internet and cable bill - The Washington Post

Is your Internet bill too high? Here’s why. - The Washington Post

New efforts to measure the true cost of U.S. internet service - Axios

Google to Roll Out New 'Drive for Desktop' App in the Coming Weeks, Replacing Backup & Sync and Drive File Stream Clients - MacRumors

Trump unloads on Brett Kavanaugh in new Michael Wolff book - Axios

Don’t overthink your productivity apps – LJPUK

14 July 2021

Bloomberg: Three-Quarters of iOS Users Opt Out of Tracking — Pixel Envy

Apple Supplier Rockley Photonics Unveils Health Tracking Tech Likely to Come to Apple Watch - MacRumors

Microsoft is bringing Windows to a web browser, and it will work on iPad and the Mac - 9to5Mac

Facebook (FB) Advertisers Impacted By Apple (AAPL) Privacy iOS 14 Changes - Bloomberg

Facebook seeks recusal of FTC Chair Lina Khan - The Washington Post

The MagSafe Battery Pack

15 July 2021

Abolishing Online Anonymity Will Not Tackle Abuse — Pixel Envy

Los Angeles County to again require masking indoors - Axios

Apple employees say the company is cracking down on remote work - The Verge

An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination, reviewed - by Casey Newton - Platformer

Can a former Myspace CTO drive the creator economy's next evolution? - by Simon Owens - Simon Owens's Media Newsletter

Ticks are spreading across the US. Here’s how to protect yourself against disease. - Vox

If you do find a tick that’s dug into your skin, check out this CDC guide. Basically, you’ll want to pull it out with tweezers (don’t twist!) and clean the area with alcohol or soap and water. You can also snap a photo of it and upload the tick pic to TickSpotters, a tool that Mather developed. TickSpotters will then confirm the tick species and your risk of being infected, usually within 24 hours.

Zero-day exploit allowed SolarWinds hackers to extract login information from iOS devices - 9to5Mac

Windows 365 for Windows on the Mac and iPad? — MacSparky

16 July 2021

‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Services — Pixel Envy

Bank branches get extreme makeover - Axios

Apple Podcasts reliability problem is turning into an image problem – Six Colors

Building a Better Blogging Workflow for Squarespace — HeyDingus

Its excellent Markdown support, customizable actions, and action directory meant I could quickly get ideas in and out of Drafts. But there’s too much happening in Drafts for it to be a focused area for my long-form writing. I needed a dedicated text editor.

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector Review — HeyDingus

Podcast app Pocket Casts acquired by WordPress․com owner Automattic - 9to5Mac

Fed chair Jerome Powell's inflation discourse seems to be evolving - Axios

Breaking the Twitter habit – LJPUK

17 July 2021

Desk Setup, Summer 2021 — HeyDingus