Log what you read

I wish I had a list of every book and every article that I have ever read. There have been times when I've read something and later wanted to go back and look at it again and not been able to find it. This is frustrating, so I've started logging everything that I read.

Here's what I read this week: 

04 July 2021

Ticks and poison ivy are on the rise, experts warn - Axios

The FDA recommends that people learn what poison ivy looks like to correctly identify it: "Each leaf has three glossy leaflets, with smooth or toothed edges. Leaves are reddish in spring, green in summer, and yellow, orange, or red in fall. May have greenish-white flowers and whitish-yellow berries."

05 July 2021

Gurman: Apple thinks about decentralized work – Six Colors

A mini iPhone 12 mini review – LJPUK

An Independent Day. Today was perhaps the most “normal”… | by M.G. Siegler | Jul, 2021 | Medium

Obsidian Is Going to Eat Everyone’s Lunch - Bicycle For Your Mind

06 July 2021

Firefox for iOS - Initial Charge

Remote work is sending people to the suburbs, not the Midwest - Vox

Alaska on my mind – On my Om

The Bezos Identity. Jeff Bezos exits with Amazon frameworks… | by M.G. Siegler | Jul, 2021 | 500ish

All the Right Words on Climate Have Already Been Said — Pixel Envy

Pentagon cancels $10 billion cloud contract awarded to Microsoft - Axios

Will MailKit Save Mail.app? — MacSparky

iOS 15: how to turn off weather notifications – LJPUK

Critic Markup for Note Tags


07 July 2021

How to Get Over a Post-Pandemic Fear of Crowds

Trump to sue Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter's Jack Dorsey - Axios

Fastmail joins call to ban surveillance-based advertising

Apple’s ATT enforcement pushes advertisers to Android instead - 9to5Mac

Conservative social networks keep making the same mistake - by Casey Newton - Platformer

Utah's Great Salt Lake is in trouble - Axios

Court rules Rudy Giuliani cannot practice law in D.C. - Axios

08 July 2021

Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg’s Partnership Did Not Survive Trump - The New York Times

The indictments made it clear just how large a part Facebook had played, both in spreading misinformation about election fraud to fuel anger among the Jan. 6 protesters, and in aiding the extremist militia’s communication ahead of the riots. For months, Facebook would be a footnote to a day that challenged the heart of American democracy. And Ms. Sandberg’s words attempting to place the blame elsewhere would continue to haunt her.

8 Sports You Can Still Compete in If You're Old

I’m still impressed with the M1 MacBook Air – LJPUK

Greg Thinks Things #32

Trying Out a New Email App, Big Mail

Pfizer to seek FDA authorization for third dose of coronavirus vaccine - Axios

How to organize iPhone Notes with tags in iOS 15 - 9to5Mac

Advertisers concerned iCloud Private Relay could put an end to fingerprinting - 9to5Mac

09 July 2021

Automating Drafts to Create Custom Documents in Seconds – The Sweet Setup

Kuo: 2022 11-Inch iPad Pro to Feature Mini-LED Display, Not Just 12.9-Inch Model - MacRumors

Greg Morris - A Quick Check In

Moderna starts human trials of an mRNA-based flu shot - The Verge

Keeping social media in your browser – LJPUK

10 July 2021

Industry awaits ruling of Pfizer's Medicare anti-kickback lawsuit - Axios

Warren Buffett's AAPL mistake cost Berkshire Hathaway $18B - 9to5Mac

Why are gas, groceries, and used cars prices going up? Things seem more expensive because they are. - Vox

"An Ugly Truth": How Facebook discovered Russian meddling - Axios

Marketers Are Worried That iCloud Private Relay Could Be a Technical Hurdle Instead of a Policy One — Pixel Envy

Rise of the anti-"woke" Democrat - Axios

How to remove the macOS Monterey Beta from an M1 MacBook Air – LJPUK