Instapaper has gone to shit

This week I had a project that I was working on, and I wanted to use Instapaper to make highlights and add notes to the articles that I was reading and then Share All Notes to Ulysses.

Since it has been a while since I’ve used Instapaper, I was surprised to find that it has fallen into a state of disrepair. While working in a small group of articles on my iPad, the app kept locking up. Moreover, sync wasn’t working between my iPad and iPhone. Frustrated, I went to the App Store to check out the recent reviews. I found that I’m not the only one experiencing issues. There were complaints similar to mine plus many more including Kindle sync no longer working, disappearing articles, and Instapaper not appearing in the share sheet. To top it off, the developer isn’t responding to any support requests or making updates to the app. It looks like Instapaper may have been abandoned.

This is a real shame! Instapaper used to be a great app. Marco Arment should buy it back and get it working again, just like Brent Simmons did with NetNewsWire.