Hangout - July 25, 2021

Everything I read this week

We ordered a Peloton this week

Lisa and I have been talking about getting a Peloton for several months. This week we finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. Cycling isn’t a new endeavor for us, since we both have a history in competitive cycling.

Lisa is a six time Ironman finisher and has raced several 100 mile mountain bike races including the Leadville Trail 100 3 times.

I raced USA Cycling regional and national road racing events and competed in road endurance events ranging from 100 to 200 miles. I also coached other competitive cyclists. 

All that said, Lisa and I no longer ride competitively. Lisa still rides her mountain bike for recreation. I on the other hand haven’t ridden since I had open-heart surgery in 2010 to repair to a severely leaking mitral valve and an enlarged atrium. Due to complications after the surgery, I have had to remain on blood thinner medication, which put an end my riding.

So, we’re both looking forward to the new Peloton. Lisa for days when she’s unable to get out and do a real ride. And for me, I’m looking forward to once again being able to mash the pedals.

Everything I read this week:

18 July 2021

Poll: Unvaccinated Americans least concerned about Delta variant - Axios

Pegasus spyware targeted journalists, activists, world leaders — report - Axios

The Biden/Facebook Fight Is Part Of The Problem - by Charlie Warzel - Galaxy Brain

No one needs another reason to hate Facebook, what we all need is a way forward: a way to both live in and begin to repair the broken world Facebook has helped create.

19 July 2021

Reminders Alfred Workflow

Don’t Wanna Pay Ransom Gangs? Test Your Backups. – Krebs on Security

Daring Fireball: A Defense of the Safari 15 Redesigns

Safari 15 isn’t bad, just misunderstood

Federal Judge Upholds Indiana University's Vaccine Mandate - The New York Times

Rural Democrats run from party ahead of 2022 midterms - Axios

Tesla's Self Driving Subscription — MacSparky

Capitol rioter gets 8 months in prison in first Jan. 6 felony sentence - Axios

What is CNN+ and why would you pay for it? - Vox

Extreme summer weather's climate change links in Pacific Northwest, Europe - Axios

Here's a Look Inside Facebook's Data Wars - The New York Times

But the CrowdTangle story is important, because it illustrates the way that Facebook’s obsession with managing its reputation often gets in the way of its attempts to clean up its platform. And it gets to the heart of one of the central tensions confronting Facebook in the post-Trump era. The company, blamed for everything from election interference to vaccine hesitancy, badly wants to rebuild trust with a skeptical public. But the more it shares about what happens on its platform, the more it risks exposing uncomfortable truths that could further damage its image.

COVID on the rise, overwhelmingly on the unvaccinated - Axios

An unusual week – On my Om

30 Til Midnight. Checking in on 4 til 40… | by M.G. Siegler | Jul, 2021 | Medium

Greg Morris - Shortcut: Pocket Quote To Obsidian

20 July 2021

Troubles With Apple’s Bug Bounty Program — Pixel Envy

Jonathan Kanter is the latest tech foe in the Biden administration - Vox

Big Tech has yet another reason to be worried about the threat of US government regulation.

President Biden announced Tuesday he is nominating Jonathan Kanter, a known legal foe of Google and other major tech companies, to head the Department of Justice’s antitrust division.

BBEdit for Mac gets major update with notes, LSP support, virtual Anaconda, much more - 9to5Mac

Chair of Trump's 2017 inaugural fund arrested on federal charges - Axios

iPhone doesn’t unlock your Apple Watch? It's not just you ... - 9to5Mac

New Dropbox features reflect blurring between home and work- 9to5Mac

Google pushes Apple to adopt RCS w/ security argument - 9to5Google

Apple to Postpone Return to Office With Rise in Global Cases - Bloomberg

Back to Normal — MacSparky

The right Mac laptop to buy for a student – Six Colors

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation - The New York Times

21 July 2021

Apple Releases iPadOS 14.7 and macOS 11.5 with Security Notes for Recent OS Updates - TidBITS

Now, July 2021 — HeyDingus

The Amazonification of Space Begins in Earnest - The New York Times

The Nightmare of Our Snooping Phones - The New York Times

Pelosi rejects Jim Jordan, Jim Banks appointments to Jan. 6 select committee - Axios

XLoader malware infects Macs; collects keystrokes and more - 9to5Mac

Tumblr starts letting bloggers charge a subscription - The Verge

Alternatives to Venmo: Which payment app is best? - The Washington Post

Hold Out Those Great Hopes. Jeff Bezos goes to space, people go… | by M.G. Siegler | Jul, 2021 | 500ish

Ted Lasso season two release date: when is the next episode? - 9to5Mac

The number of episodes this season is twelve, so the show’s narrative this year will actually be stretched out over twelve weeks. The show premieres on Friday, July 23 and the season finale will air on Friday, October 8.

22 July 2021

A case against security nihilism – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering

A Case Against Security Nihilism — Pixel Envy

Michael Cohen Thinks Kushner Has Already Flipped on Trump

Moped Is a Fast and Free Text Editor - Bicycle For Your Mind

23 July 2021

Jeff Bezos Is Not My Astronaut | No Mercy / No Malice

A Priest Was Outed by His Phone’s Location Data, Likely Through Ad Tech Middle Parties — Pixel Envy

There's a good chance Jerome Powell will lose his job as Fed chair due to left-wing pressure, JPMorgan says | Markets Insider

The Best Affordable Private and Semi-Private Jet Airlines

The NSO “Surveillance List”: What It Is and Isn’t - by Kim Zetter - Zero Day

24 July 2021

The new faces of NBC's Olympics coverage - Axios

How Do I Know if the Grass Is Greener?

Democrats demand answers on FBI's Kavanaugh probe - Axios

Where does the iPad fit in for me in 2021? – LJPUK

MereCivilian’s thoughts on Subscriptions in 2021

Bank | No Mercy / No Malice