About the computer in my pocket

I recently came to the realization that for most of the things that I do on a computer, the iPhone in my pocket is the device that I use.

Actually, I don’t know why we still call it a phone? It’s rarely used that way these days. My iPhone is where I read, gather research for articles, listen to podcasts, manage my calendar and to-do list, play games, record my workouts, track my calories, manage my health data, manage my email, keep up with the weather, scan documents, take pictures, manage my Apple Watch, and it’s my mobile wallet. Oh yeah, and it’s where I make or receive the rare phone call.

I’m sure my iPad is jealous as it sits on my desk mounted on the Magic Keyboard waiting for me to write a blog post as I’m doing now.

As side note, if you’re a Ted Lasso fan here’s some good news about Season 2:

Ted Lasso season two release date

The number of episodes this season is twelve, so the show’s narrative this year will actually be stretched out over twelve weeks. The show premieres on Friday, July 23 and the season finale will air on Friday, October 8.